When is enough, really enough, to get you off the couch?

Start exercising ASAP. Start dieting even sooner!

Aren’t you tired of feeling physically weak, and living a sedentary lifestyle?

Decide today, make up your mind now, to put forth a concerted effort and realize your absolute best physique. During the process of losing 50 pounds, I had a big spot of psoriasis on my leg completely disappear. I had a painful, swollen knuckle due to onset of arthritis and couldn’t make a fully closed fist, nor could I hold on to a pull up bar.  That has gone away (and I can bust out 20 pull ups), as well as an “achy” left knee and constant pain I had in the ball of my feet that would set in at the end of most days. What I finally understood was that by reducing the stress, and workload of my organ’s designated functions, makes them last longer, which in turn will extend my quality of life. So I began to think, save energy. SAVE ENERGY. And no, sitting on your butt doing nothing is not saving energy, by the way…. That’s dissipating energy.

Making your heart beat MORE a few days a week, makes it work LESS over a year’s time.

A quick example of this is cardio exercise. Sitting down, at rest, let’s say your heart rate is 70 (70 beats per minute). Walking 30 minutes at a brisk pace, increasing your heart by 50% three days a week means you are making your heart, beat 35 more times per minute x 90 minutes a week. 3150 MORE beats per week. This actually helps your heart work less in the long run. Here’s how…

Visualize your circulatory system’s adaptation to sustaining a 50% increase in energy output. This results in a more powerful heart pump to keep blood reaching every cell in your body. After a few weeks, your heart may have become just 5% more efficient at moving blood, which means it now takes it 66.5 beats at “rest” to move the same amount of blood that took 70 beats before.

* Before exercise, 70 beats per minute x 10080 minutes a week = 705,600 beats weekly.

* After exercise, 66.5 beats a minute x 10080 minutes a week = 670,320 beats a week.

Your heart now saves 35,280 beats per week in moving the same amount of blood. 1,834,560 saved over the course of a year. 18 MILLION beats saved over a short 10 years. Your heart will last longer! This example is very conservative and nonscientific (obviously) and just based on easy, brisk walking. In many cases a 20% and more efficiency increase is possible in three to six months with a bit more intensity in your workouts. Be sure to consult your doctor before embarking on any exercise regimen beyond brisk walking. 

In this simplistic example, that represents 90 minutes of your week. What are you doing the other 166.5 hours…?

Vigorous exercise stimulates cellular reorganization. Nutrition determines quality of outcome.

Your nutritional habits are even more important than exercise in attaining optimal health, wellness and especially in bringing out six-pack abs!

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